Are you personally ready for digital business?

There’s one thing that’s very clear from every headline and prediction about how work gets done — we’re moving rapidly to a digital business model. Digital business is far more ...

It’s all about the data dividend

The future of every business is wholly dependent on being positioned to receive a significant data dividend. Sitting in the audience at TIBCO Now, listening to speaker after speaker talk ...

The IT And Business Trends To Track In 2015

It’s that time of year when the crystal ball gets a polish and we look ahead to what will impact business and IT in the coming 12 months. Every Cloud ...

Editor's Choice

I hate my bank and that’s OK

I hate my bank. Wait, that’s only partially true. I hate my ...

Don’t hate me if I freeze my eggs

The story broke this week in TechCrunch, LA Times and many other publications that ...

Sales people just won’t shut up

It’s a great paradox that the less comfortable we are the more ...

Salesforce’s Wave tries to catch up on analytics

Salesforce will introduce their Wave could analytics functionality at Dreamforce today and ...

Social isn’t dead, it’s just an expectation

It’s funny to watch the hype around trends and technologies grow and ...

Ebola shows the mundane, not technology, will protect us

Technology has driven our economy and made our country powerful, but tech ...

Why true capitalists will and won’t love the Internet of Things

If there’s one thing that every true capitalist would love to see, ...

The missing part of the Internet of Things conversation

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises all new ways to use sensor ...

Live from Interop: Internet of Things (IoT) is Industrial Revolution meeting Internet Revolution

I had the pleasure today to hear Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO at ...

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Internet of Things runs roughshod over business process

It’s exceedingly easy to think about the Internet of Things (IoT) as a hardcore technology play, but it really isn’t. The crux moves – the most difficult challenges of the next five years will be made in business process, including how new, faster data helps process gets analyzed, designed, deployed and executed in ever-faster cycles. […]

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Did Apple and U2 Forget It’s The Age Of The Customer?

Reportedly, Apple paid Irish band U2 $100M for the right to distribute Songs of Innocence,their latest album. Not leaving anything to chance, Apple took the next step last week and automatically added the album to nearly 500 million iPhone and iPad users in the world, depending on their settings, in nearly all cases without their permission. The reaction […]

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Apple, get U2 off my iPhone!

In an unprecedented marketing machination, Apple has just forcefully distributed U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence”to all iPhone owners – up to 500 million of them.  Take a second to check your phone… it’s there right now. The partnership, reportedly worth $100 million, has been called anything from ‘shrewd’ and ‘dystopian junk mail’.  I fall […]

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Death of the enterprise salesman

The enterprise sales rep, as we know them, is dying a quick death. That doesn’t mean that enterprise selling is over by any means. All organizations need software, on-premise and cloud, as much and even more than ever before. However, the game has changed. Even if a particular sales person has been a top 20 […]

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Stop talking about Internet of Things as a strategy

Internet of Things (IoT) is not a strategy. Neither is mobile, social or any other combination of technology. You can’t have a business-funded project around it because you can’t attach a specific positive business outcome to it. This really hit home in a GigaOM article just this morning, The future of mobile commerce is commerce. […]

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It’s on you to maintain your customer’s momentum

“People maintain habits until they don’t.” This quote from American economist Richard Thaler is the customer loyalty marketer’s credo and underpins one of the core ideas of loyalty marketing resource allocation—to stay on the winning side of customer habits, you need to nudge and encourage constant, incremental growth and relationship development, whenever and wherever possible. On the […]

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Kaua’i Marathon’s lessons about business

This morning was the Kaua’i Marathon and Half Marathon and for me, my 49th birthday gift to myself. It was my first half marathon and represented my personal refusal to let myself slow down as I grow older. Next year, I plan for the full marathon for my 50th year on the planet for no […]

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Marketers, the default option shouldn’t be random

There’s a remarkable (and very predictable) fact about the human race that a great marketer accepts as truth: people from all walks of life usually take the default option when offered multiple choices. This fact makes it very important to choose default choices for your customers very intentionally, as it’s essentially one of the best […]

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The gaming industry has a lot to teach marketers

Study after study shows that our brains love small, predictable rewards more than occasional, large rewards. This principle is on prominent display in the gaming industry where slot machines far outnumber table games in any casino. Those same slot machines, with small stakes and small rewards, show up in gaming industry financial statements as significantly […]

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Marketers need to be immersed in data

“Immerse yourself in the data,” doesn’t mean “Be aware of the data,” or “Follow the reports.” It means “Really immerse yourself in the data,” by digging in and finding something new to learn each and every day. Make it a relentless habit for a very good reason—as the world changes, marketers can no longer wait a month, […]

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Does your whole organization agree on your marketing success metrics?

How you define success determines how you evaluate strategy and ongoing operations. This is such a fundamental point that we make it over and over again. It’s that big. Being crystal clear on what matters ensures everyone is focused on the same objectives. What’s more, the perception of your personal success depends on it. Aligning Customer Loyalty Marketing […]

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The Ice Bucket Challenge’s awesome combo of charity and creativity

The Internet certainly has its blessings and its curses…what we’ve gained in widely shared creativity, we’ve probably lost in the threats to our personal privacy. For this reason, when something comes along that can make the Internet a powerful force for good, we should cheer and participate in every way we can. ALS Ice Bucket […]

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The Internet of Things and the high cost of old habits

I simply needed a new alarm clock. I had gone years with my old model, regardless of its broken buttons and obnoxious alarm tone. It was what woke me up faithfully for over a decade, and who knew what might happen without it — late starts, rushed showers, missed flights? But when it was “lost” […]

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Do you understand your patterns of customer engagement?

In a recent post, I talked about the customer marketing lifecycle and the marketer’s most important job—getting customers to the Maintain Phase as quickly as possible and keeping them there as long as possible. Achieving that goal requires marketers to know the marketing maintenance patterns for their business and for their particular breed of customers. […]

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