Big Data Is A Sexy Beast – And That’s The Problem

Humans have always loved information and there’s a cult of worship around being smart and even geeky. We refer to hard things as “rocket science,” perhaps the most expert of ...

Hero Culture Part 2: Process and Knowledge Save the Day

As I discussed in my last post – and as many of us have experienced in our own workplaces – a hero culture can be very destructive to an organization. ...

Dinner At The Firehouse

Twenty years ago, when I was a sales rep, my #1 stress was my sales manager. I hated everything I had to do for him.  I especially hated our weekly ...

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Hero Culture: Who Will Save You Now?

Some organizations are always putting out fires. And firefighters, are, of course, ...

We Accept The Forecast We Think We Deserve

Forecasting is the most painful and error-prone part of selling anything. You might think selling ...

Seeing Star Wars In French Was Déjà Vu

SPOILER ALERT: Just in case you haven’t seen the latest episode of ...

Big Data and Process: The Missing Link

Big Data is big, no doubt about it. Lots of companies are ...

Leadership Talent: Nature or Nurture?

In his book The Sports Gene, David Epstein examines the idea that ...

3 Ways Big Companies Are Connecting with Younger Consumers

By now, we have all heard a great deal about marketing to ...

Don’t Say It And You Can’t Be Misquoted

My wife and I have a guilty pleasure, we watch the television ...

Your Killer Demo Kills Software Deals

A software demo, even one that fully showcases a product’s capabilities, can ...

The Digital Renaissance Has Yet To Arrive

Watching the hype around big data, analytics and the Internet of Things, ...

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Tons of Data, But No Answers: What’s the Missing Link?

Benchmarking is a great way to measure how your business performance compares to that of your peers, and today’s IT systems are excellent at tracking data related to business processes. But even with this wealth of data, many companies still don’t know where to make changes that will move the needle toward better performance. In […]

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Putting ‘Digital’ In Perspective

This year, the number of smartphones, tablets and connected devices is expected to cross 7 billion – that will mean more connected devices than there are human beings on earth. With more and more people owning smart gadgets, these devices are going to have an increasingly bigger influence on our communication patterns, online habits and […]

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My Best Work Has A Deadline Set By Me

It took going to Kaua’i for the Half Marathon to have a small epiphany about work and life. It was somewhere around Mile 9 that I realized that for this moment, I was working on a deadline that was completely my own creation, not someone else’s expectation. Before the run, I decided I wanted to […]

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Best Workplaces: We Stopped Trying to Be One, and It Was the Right Decision

Every year, the Houston Chronicle names “The 150 Best Places to Work in Houston,” and every time the list comes out, people eagerly scan it for familiar names. For four years, my company – APQC – was on that list of best workplaces, and we were mighty proud of the many things we were doing […]

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How IBM, Intuit, and Rich Products Became More Customer-Centric

How well do you know your customers? This seems to be a key question on the minds of not just marketers, but company strategists these days. We have shifted from a competitive landscape in which companies are more exclusively focused on external forces affecting their industries and sectors, to one that has become significantly more […]

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The Digital Shock To The System

It’s remarkable to watch our entire world getting a digital makeover. While we hype the ideas of Big Data, analytics, and the Internet of Things, those are merely sub-disciplines of the real shift. There’s something much larger and more transformative going on; our world is rapidly shifting to a data-infused model that fundamentally shifts us away from […]

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Managing Remote Employees? No Pain, Only Gain

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in nearly a decade of managing remote employees, it’s that you can’t leave communication to chance. By deciding ahead of time how and when you will interact with each other, you can develop a highly productive relationship but on trust. For the last nine years, I’ve had the pleasure […]

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Is Your Packed Calendar & Inbox Preventing Work Success? Try These Time Management Analog Hacks

The year is half over. Are you more than halfway complete on your 2015 goals? If not, it’s time to reclaim your schedule and strengthen your time management skills. Countless professionals have an overwhelming schedule, finding little time in between emails, texts, calls, and meetings to actually get any real work done. And, by now […]

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We Train People To Treat Us Badly

There has been so much groundbreaking progress covered in the news the past month, but the event I can’t stop thinking about – and for me, has not received enough attention, was the arraignment of the Charleston Church Shooter. Just days after the tragedy, family members of each the nine victims stood before the judge, […]

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Go Data Literate Or Go Home

Just as the changes brought about by data-driven work have made the news, data literacy is a pressing topic for leaders at the center of the data storm. In transportation and logistics, it shows up with the rise of the self-driving vehicle, cruising the streets of Silicon Valley every day. In government, we see data changing the […]

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Big Data Predicts Your Death

This is the thing about Big Data…it allows us to see in data the things that we may surmise or instinctively understand but never fully visualized. Take our own deaths, as an example. They’re as analytically predictable as the rest of our world, even if the idea isn’t something we want to think about every day. […]

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Too Much Profit Can Doom Your Company

By Brad Power and Rick Merrifield What defines success for a business? For most of the last century, it was profits. The leading enterprises of the world were ones that fashioned a profitable business model and leveraged it over time. Profitability as the key measure of business success was akin to a law of physics […]

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What’s In Your Transformational Toolbag?

Steve jobs tells a wonderful story about a Scientific American magazine article he read as a twelve year old boy. The article measured and compared the efficiency of the locomotion of various animals. Humans, no surprise, did not fare well against the likes of the condor. Jobs goes on: But somebody there had the imagination […]

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Rock Climbing My Career

I’m a lifelong climber and at my “peak,” lived to have my hands and feet on vertical rock. I still love putting on my harness and finding time to climb. Even when I’m indoors and doing business, I’m repeatedly reminded how my career in startup software companies has strong parallels to my favorite sport. Here […]

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