Stop Looking At Big Data As The Problem (And Start Looking At Integration)

Big Data is the phrase that won’t die. It made sense when we first tried to wrap our heads around the idea that we could have more data than we ...

Workers need to survive digital business

While the world seizes the opportunities presented by an increasingly digital ecosystem, what happens to the humans stuck at the center of this technological transformation? A shift to ubiquitous digital ...

Almost No One Is Going To Buy Your Products

As Seth Godin wrote last week, “There’s a huge difference between “no one” and “almost no one. Almost no one is going to hire you. Almost no one is going ...

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When Humor Makes You Rich – Aaron Levie And Box

Aaron Levie, the funniest CEO in America (and possibly the world), just ...

Selling Isn’t For Everyone

Selling isn’t for everyone. It isn’t that people can’t be trained or ...

LA Wants Taxis To Be More Like Uber

San Francisco, the home of so many tech startups, has no choice ...

Nanotechnology Makes Health Diagnosis Look Like Star Trek

Watching Star Trek growing up, the idea of having a device that ...

Two Paths To The Dream Of Business Ownership

A record number of American adults, 13%, are involved in the startup ...

Personalization Attacks The Automotive Industry

The hottest trend in technology is personalization. The term usually gets applied ...

Tech And Life In A Personalized World

Watching technology advance amazes me. Tech rarely unfolds as a stunning breakthrough ...

Police Transparency, North Korea and Flight Tracking in 2015

Technology brings remarkable things to our lives that offer a chance to ...

Are you personally ready for digital business?

There’s one thing that’s very clear from every headline and prediction about ...

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It’s all about the data dividend

The future of every business is wholly dependent on being positioned to receive a significant data dividend. Sitting in the audience at TIBCO Now, listening to speaker after speaker talk about rapidly accelerating technology change, it becomes clear that knowing everything will change doesn’t prepare anyone for the change itself. “Accelerating pace of change” has […]

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The IT And Business Trends To Track In 2015

It’s that time of year when the crystal ball gets a polish and we look ahead to what will impact business and IT in the coming 12 months. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. For Some. Cloud is no longer a buzzword. It’s here. Nothing more to see so move along and get with it. […]

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I hate my bank and that’s OK

I hate my bank. Wait, that’s only partially true. I hate my bank that offers a location wherever I happen to be, has tellers and allows me to deposit and withdraw small or large sums of cash. I have another bank that offers none of these things and I don’t hate that bank. In fact, […]

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Don’t hate me if I freeze my eggs

The story broke this week in TechCrunch, LA Times and many other publications that Facebook and Apple offer a benefit to working mothers of up to $20,000 to freeze eggs. Under pressure early in their career to achieve job success, women face a dilemma that if they put off having children, they face the risk of being less […]

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Sales people just won’t shut up

It’s a great paradox that the less comfortable we are the more we speak. The moment when we’re in the greatest danger of looking dumb is precisely when we open our mouths and remove all doubt. This paradox is on prominent display in the sales profession where so much hinges on our word choices, our […]

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Salesforce’s Wave tries to catch up on analytics

Salesforce will introduce their Wave could analytics functionality at Dreamforce today and along with it, an admission that analytics has been missing from their platform for some time. How they got this far without having more than a partner community is the question but at least they’re headed in the right direction. Salesforce playing catch […]

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Social isn’t dead, it’s just an expectation

It’s funny to watch the hype around trends and technologies grow and shrink over time. What seemed like a critical need at one point quietly fades out and slips off the front page. Social media is a great example that isn’t talked about nearly as much today as it was just a couple of years […]

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Ebola shows the mundane, not technology, will protect us

Technology has driven our economy and made our country powerful, but tech alone is proving to be insufficient to stop the spread of Ebola. The case of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian who had contact with an ebola patient four days before travel to the U.S., shows just how much the mundane matters. Duncan was supposed […]

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Why true capitalists will and won’t love the Internet of Things

If there’s one thing that every true capitalist would love to see, it’s “honest” supply and demand in full function. As we know, pricing often fails to reflect the realities of demand and that lack of transparency creates cascading challenges. For example, the long lines we see at Starbucks in the morning reflect the fact […]

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The missing part of the Internet of Things conversation

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises all new ways to use sensor and machine data to create efficiency, new features and foster business model competition. But the conversations too often lack an essential element that no IoT project can do without: the ability to make systems “think” in ways similar to what humans provide in […]

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Live from Interop: Internet of Things (IoT) is Industrial Revolution meeting Internet Revolution

I had the pleasure today to hear Richard Soley, Chairman and CEO at Object Management Group, talk at the Interop Internet of Things Summit in New York. It is Richard’s contention that the Internet of Things is fundamentally the joining of the Internet Revolution with the Industrial Revolution. While that may sound like a giant leap forward, […]

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Internet of Things runs roughshod over business process

It’s exceedingly easy to think about the Internet of Things (IoT) as a hardcore technology play, but it really isn’t. The crux moves – the most difficult challenges of the next five years will be made in business process, including how new, faster data helps process gets analyzed, designed, deployed and executed in ever-faster cycles. […]

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Did Apple and U2 Forget It’s The Age Of The Customer?

Reportedly, Apple paid Irish band U2 $100M for the right to distribute Songs of Innocence,their latest album. Not leaving anything to chance, Apple took the next step last week and automatically added the album to nearly 500 million iPhone and iPad users in the world, depending on their settings, in nearly all cases without their permission. The reaction […]

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Apple, get U2 off my iPhone!

In an unprecedented marketing machination, Apple has just forcefully distributed U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence”to all iPhone owners – up to 500 million of them.  Take a second to check your phone… it’s there right now. The partnership, reportedly worth $100 million, has been called anything from ‘shrewd’ and ‘dystopian junk mail’.  I fall […]

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