You’re thinking about mobile the wrong way

When it comes to marketing, mobile is too often considered a channel—one of several ways to reach the buying public. In reality, mobile is far more than one of many ...

You can’t logic someone out of something they weren’t logic’d into

One of my favorite lines from sales training (that I also know to be true) is that buyers find logical reasons to support emotional decisions. We humans are funny that ...

Retailers — It’s mid-Summer but Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming. Yes, it may seem a long way off, but if you started with December 25th and worked your way backward, you’d see that for retailers, Christmas is ...

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The Big Data market will correct itself

One of my favorite bloggers has to be Alistair Croll, a Canadian ...

The World Cup reminds – Marketers are architects of passion

Watching the World Cup 2014 in Brazil is an excellent reminder of ...

You will fail if you don’t differentiate

So many companies struggle to sell their products because they fail to ...

The battlefield of tomorrow is customer experience

The time is fast approaching where the stiffest competition for a customer’s ...

Does your marketing have relevance? How do you know?

By definition, for something to be relevant, it needs to be important to ...

Getting the CMO and CIO to work together

Forrester’s Sheryl Pattek wrote a few months back on the hot topic ...

Software industry redefining product management

Quick, name a product that was developed without using software. It’s difficult, ...

Why Americans need to give football (soccer) a chance

A piece yesterday covered why soccer struggles in the U.S. as a major sport. The ...

That’s EXACTLY why European football (soccer) struggles in the U.S.

If you watched yesterday’s World Cup 2014 opening match between Brazil and ...

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Programmatic marketing is the only way

The real story of the value of big data, the Internet of Things, and data analytics is bigger than any of these trends by themselves. In fact, each of those descriptors is merely a part of a much bigger trend; the backstory that has even greater impact on our lives is the transition to a […]

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Taking sides in London cabbies versus Uber

There’s nothing quite like being on the desperately wrong side of history and angering the public in the process. That’s exactly where London cabbies are at the moment in their fight against the Uber car service. Their argument that Uber’s app violates the rules for how cab fares are metered seems an issue for the […]

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Shouldn’t data really be about the decisions?

The issue with Big Data isn’t its hype – there are certainly enormous benefits in capturing the data being generated by a rapidly digitizing world. The issue has been and continues to be how we approach the problem of having too much data, accumulating too rapidly and in too many forms for organizations to handle. Big Data has […]

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Apple iOS 8 spanks Android on the Internet of Things

The battleground for mobility isn’t the phone — it hasn’t been for a while — but it isn’t the app anymore, either. Round 3 of Apple versus Android (the only real fight worth watching) will be fought to make the mobile device a personal digital hub with a seamless user experience. In that fight, Apple […]

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The Internet of Things disrupts the urinal

Toilets at Heathrow’s Terminal 2 are have sensors that count the number of times someone uses their services. Counting the number of times someone uses a urinal may seem like a small thing, but the outcome is disruptive — the cleaning of the toilet has always been tied to a cleaning schedule. That schedule requires […]

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A day in the life of a chief data officer

Data stopped being the sole property of the IT department the moment business users realized that technology existed that allowed them to feed themselves. If that wasn’t enough, the cloud came into vogue and mobile and social media use exploded, putting enormous amounts of data within reach of those who needed it most, without having […]

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CMO’s are going through metamorphosis

Customer expectations have always been tough to match, but never has the challenge been as great as right now, in our always-on world. CMOs face the daunting task of striking the perfect balance between being relevant and safeguarding a customer’s privacy—a tough job when relevance involves leveraging customer data. A brand can only disappoint a […]

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The mad scramble for the resources for the Internet of Things

With a son going off to college in a couple of months, the topic of future-proofed careers has been a hot one.  He’s chosen well with mining engineering: an incessant drive toward miniaturization and an explosion of connected sensors will guarantee employment for decades to come. The next wave of technology is going to constrain […]

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Why does innovation fail?

Innovation is a funny thing…there are lots of awesome innovative ideas that give us the chance to do things in better ways. Coming up with an innovative idea, however, isn’t nearly the same thing as true innovation. There’s a significant disconnect, in fact, between developing new ideas and changing the landscape in meaningful, measurable ways. […]

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How GE drinks from the Fountain of Youth

GE is an icon of management best practices. Under CEO Jack Welch in the 1980s and 1990s, they adopted operational efficiency approaches (“Workout,” “Six Sigma,” and “Lean”) that reinforced their success and that many companies emulated. But, as befits a company that has been around for 130 years, GE is moving on. While Lean and […]

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When tractors started to talk, the world changed again

Tractors can now talk. They send and receive signals to adjust how they operate and optimize how they perform. Location, weather and other factors are being processed in the moment (during the tractor’s operation) at the point on the planet (in the field) and in the timeframe (perhaps the only timeframe) that it matters. Remarkable. […]

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Marketers, time to get creative with customer engagement

Marketers, it is 2014 and seriously time to get creative with your customer engagement strategies. Here’s a great example of why. Just yesterday I was in one of my favorite stores, a nationally known co-op. The benefits of membership at this retailer are very straightforward—the more I spend, the more I can expect to receive […]

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Is Buzzfeed making the Internet worse?

In an interesting article today on Tech Crunch, Alexis Tsotsis describes the Fourth Internet as “Get Mine.” What she means is that the other three Internets, “Getting Information Online,” “Getting the Information Organized,” and, “Getting Everyone Connected,” were distinctly different from where we are today. That makes sense so far. By “Get Mine,” she means […]

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DataBeat 2014 gets real about real-time, actionable data

Yesterday was Day 1 of Venture Beat’s DataBeat 2014 at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of being a last-minute moderator for the afternoon panel on Data Driving Ad Targeting & Personalization. My panelists were Vikram Somaya of WeatherFX, a division of the Weather Company (think: and much more), Mark […]

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