Ignore the HIPPOs for once and improve your business

Most decisions in organizations are made by escalating them up the management hierarchy — and it’s usually the highest paid person in the room’s opinion (“HIPPO”) that prevails. The HIPPO model of ...

Create marketing that is trusted, remarkable, unmistakable and essential

We’re months past the winter holidays and sellers have a great chance to think about what we’ve learned, now that the dust has settled. Each holiday shopping season is an ...

Forget about managing mobile devices — manage mobile data

With most Americans and Europeans (and soon Asia and the rest of the world) now possessing true mobile devices, meaning more than just phones, the conversation needs to shift from ...

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Successful marketing hinges on what you know and when you know it

Today’s marketers needs to be focused intently on all of the data ...

Continuous improvement graduates to become continuous innovation (transcript)

Brad Power:  People familiar with continuous improvement will understand the continuous part. ...

What makes customer loyalty so critical right now?

During a recent trip to the grocery store, I commented at the ...

Location is a Big Data marketing goldmine

Location was first thought of as a way to target messages based ...

The data knows if the customer is always right

“The customer is always right” is a phrase we all grew up ...

Real change takes a village — here are its citizens

Have you been disrupted recently? Do you sometimes feel like your organization ...

Business and technology are on a collision course

Business and technology are on a collision course that changes nearly every ...

Anti-social networking — why did it take so long to appear?

Really, it’s amazing that it took this long for an app like ...

If you aren’t using simulation, you’re only simulating success

Are you on a marketing team that closely plans, tests and measures ...

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See your product as a process

Most products, with the possible exception of works of art, are designed to enable or facilitate one or more processes. We use products to help us reach some sort of goal. The better the product the easier and more enjoyable it is to reach those goals. It is important when designing and building any product […]

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Governor Christie rejects the future and fights the inevitable

If you haven’t heard, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s administration is blocking Tesla from selling direct to consumers. Tesla says existing automotive franchises have a conflict of interest in selling their electric cars and wants to sell directly to consumers through their own stores. Who convinced Christie to take this stance? The automotive dealers association, […]

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Are you on the front lines of the data analytics revolution?

Make no mistake, there’s a digital revolution happening, and that revolution is completely changing the world as we know it. What’s more, it’s happening with the greatest impact in the way consumers and retailers interact. McKinsey reports on the revolution In a McKinsey report published this week, the management consulting firm summarized its interviews with eight […]

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Here’s why I will personally retire the words “Big Data”

OK, that’s it. On April 1, 2014, I will cease using the term, “Big Data.” This isn’t because I’m finished working with organizations that need to solve big challenges through the use of enormous amounts of data. It isn’t because I think Big Data is more hype than reality, either. To the contrary, I think […]

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When multichannel retail fails badly

I needed to buy new software package for my new Mac.   After a little research I settled on a highly rated application.  The price on the company’s website: $199.  The representative who helped me purchase the product by phone was knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic about how their product would improve my productivity.  I made the […]

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Marissa Mayer is wrong…telecommuting creates great employees

Perhaps Yahoo! needed a reason to shake things up or test employee commitment. Marissa Mayer’s decision early last year to ban telecommuting and force everyone to work from an office may have been the right thing to do for Yahoo! but that doesn’t necessarily translate broadly. We work from home the majority of the time […]

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Making Marketing Magic Happen

Customer experience management is a simple term that describes both a level of effort and wealth of insight that’s never before been required of marketers. The effort is higher because a customer’s experience is very personal and connected to a wide-ranging set of information that describes every past interaction with a brand—whether online, in the […]

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There’s just one problem with Russia’s playbook for Ukraine — it is 2014, not 1980

Russia has taken a page from it’s playbook (the only page, perhaps?) in justifying it’s invasion of the Crimean Peninsula and threatening even more intervention.  That playbook was the plan for Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan and even Georgia. In each of those situations, Russia could tell their citizens and the world a story that while false, […]

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Marketers face a digital imperative in 2014

We’ve reached a point where marketers agree that the way business is done has fundamentally changed. In almost every case, they’re ready to rethink strategies, tactics and technology, but most are struggling with how to make smart, durable, effective changes that don’t look like wasted effort in a few months. Wasted effort and lack of […]

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Europe, North America have a ridiculous headstart on innovation

Sometimes a simple picture puts it all in perspective. Reading through National Geographic this morning, there was an infographic, Wiring the World, that captured the state of the world’s connectivity perfectly through IP address mapping. The yellow, orange and red areas showing concentrations of IP addresses are primarily located in Europe and North America. If […]

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Infographic: Want to be a better marketer?

Source: Loyalty Lab blog.  

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Big Data analytics links social networks and murder

Yale University researches say your odds of being murdered are very tightly aligned with your social network (and not your Facebook friends…your “real” friends and connections). That may seem like really old information, but it is more true and more concentrated than even the most experienced behavioral scientists previously thought. What that means for police and […]

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Oakland Raiders and making money through customer experience

Turning customers into fans is more than a catchy phrase; it’s the goal of every marketer to get beyond the next purchase and into the heart and head of the customer. The same rule applies for sports teams—it’s one thing to bring a customer to a game, but quite another to use technology to create […]

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Facebook, Google, Apple are racing to leave their business model behind

Facebook buys WhatsApp, Google buys Nest and Apple is rumored to be talking with Tesla’s Elon Musk. Why are these tech giants looking outside their business model instead of growing the space they already dominate? Because the speed of disruption today makes every pause to draw a breath a chance for someone else to steal […]

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