Sand Fly Bites Information | On Human,Treatment & Healing Time

Sand Fly Bites – You may feel itchy on the part of your body and you assume that it is a mosquito bite. Apparently, mosquitoes are not the only animals that like to bite because sandfly bites are also similar to mosquito bites. Undeniably, being bitten by a sandfly really feels uncomfortable and itchy. If you scratch sandfly bites, it can cause injury.

Sandfly belongs to a disturbing animal just like baby cockroaches or rat vs. mouse. Now,we are going to talk about sandfly and the sandfly bites itself. You just need to read this following review for more information.

The Origins of Sandfly

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You may wonder why you can be bitten by Sandfly and where Sandfly actually comes from. You may also question what a sandfly is. Well, sandfly is a small winged animal and looks like a mosquito. In fact, sandfly can be smaller than mosquitoes. Sandfly usually appears at night when it comes to sunset.

The sandflies are coming from the forest and they just come out to welcome the night. When you are riding a bike at night without a helmet, you may get hit by a sandfly. The sandfly may enter your eyes and it can make your eyes sore. Because of its small shape, it is very difficult to remove the sandfly from your eyes.

The appearance of sandfly itself is actually only temporary when just before sunset. But, after a few hours, these sandflies will disappear and get back to their homes. Somehow, sandflies may not only be found in the forest, but they may also get inside your house. These sandflies may also live in a chicken coop. They may not come out during the daylight because they do not like hot temperature.

The Dangers of Sandfly Bites

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Sandflies are biting insects despite their size is smaller than mosquitoes, the effects of the bite can be worse. Unlike mosquitoes, the sandfly bite is not felt directly because of its small size and the effect starts to feel a few minutes after the bite.

Sandfly bites individually will not be so annoying, but often attack in groups so that the effect becomes worse. Female sandfly bites to suck blood from mammals as the victims, including humans. What are the symptoms of sandfly bites?

Rash and irritation

Sandfly bites will cause the skin bitten to become red and irritated. if you are bitten by a lot of sandflies, the effect of the rash will occur throughout the open body such as the face, neck, hands to feet. When this condition happens to you, you cannot bear the itchy feeling. You always want to scratch your bitten skin and it will be worse if you even do it.

Bumps or Pimples

A few minutes after the bite, the red spots will expand and swell to form small bumps or pimples. If you are bitten by a lot of sandflies in the same place, the skin bitten will swell to a size large enough to resemble a burn. The bumps will not disappear for a few hours. Even it can last for a few days if you do not treat it.

Itchy and sore

Itching and pain become the most disturbing symptoms that make the sandflies have a reputation as a dangerous insect as the bite creates a combination of intense itching and an increasingly irritating feeling of pain when scratched. This itching can last up to a few days. So, you are recommended to take immediate medication to heal it.


If the rash and swelling are not treated optimally and are often scratched to create a wound, you can get an infection and the wound from the rash will become pus. Certainly, you will still feel intense itching and pain. It becomes so much danger if you do not go to a doctor when it becomes festering.

The scar cannot even disappear when you finally heal the festering. So, it is important for not scratching the sandfly bites so that you will not get this bad condition.

Healing Sandfly Bites

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When you finally get bitten by sandflies, you must immediately take medical action so that it will not get worse. So, what to do in healing sandfly bites? You may follow these following steps to heal sandfly bites effectively.

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a cool, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial nature so it can cure bumps, burning and itching in the skin. Take a little aloe and apply to the part that is bitten by sandflies. In fact, this herb is not only able to heal sandfly bites but also mosquitoes bites or other insects bites.

Using Apple vinegar

You can take apple vinegar and rub it on the sandfly bites. Apple vinegar is acidic and anti-inflammatory so it is very good at reducing itching and swelling. Apple vinegar is also very good at preventing skin infections due to frequent scratching.

Using Tea bag

When you are drinking tea while a sandfly bites you, you must not throw away the tea bag in your cup because it can be used to relieve itching of sandfly bites. Tannic acid in tea bags also effectively removes swollen other insect bites like mosquitoes.

Using Baking soda

Baking soda has the property of cooling swollen and itchy skin due to sandfly bites because it has alkaline sodium bicarbonate components. Baking soda is also antibacterial and anti-infective so it is very good to cure mosquito or sandfly bites. So, once you get bitten by a sandfly, you can immediately take baking soda and rub it on the bitten skin.

Using Hot Water

It is undeniable that sandfly bite is really itchy as if you are bitten by a mosquito. Somehow, if you want to reduce the itching, you can use hot water. Simply, you can put some hot water in a bowl, and then take a fabric and put it in the hot water. Next, you put the hot fabric on the itchy area. You can repeat this method until you feel nothing.

Using Ice Cube

Instead of hot water, an ice cube is also effective to reduce the itching due to sandfly bites. It is also very easy to do this method. You only need to take some ice cube and then place the ice cube on the itchy areas for a few seconds until you do not feel it anymore.

Well, those are a few tips on how to treat sandfly bites from the outside. Meanwhile, you can also consider medical treatment from the inside by taking some special drugs. You can consume antibiotics to avoid infection. You can also find it in a drug store, but make sure you have consulted your doctor before choosing the medical treatment.

Getting Rid of Sandflies

Sand Fly Bites vs. Bed Bug Bites

Instead of treating wounds caused by sandfly bites, it is better for you to get rid of the causal factors. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, the best way to avoid getting a sandfly bite is to get rid of sandflies. Then, what should you do so that the sandflies don’t come to your house or so that the sandfly can’t bite you? Perhaps, you can consider these following tips on getting rid of sandflies effectively.

Keep Your House Clean

The first most important thing so that you will not get disturbed by sandflies, mosquitoes, and other insects are by keeping your house clean. Suppose your house is clean, no sandflies will come. Not only that, baby cockroaches will never be found in your house if your house is clean.

You can start from the backyard and make sure you don’t litter because sandflies really like a dirty place. Then, you check the front yard and make sure it is clean too.

Close the Door When Sunset Comes

As it is mentioned above, sandflies usually appear during the sunset. Even though your house is clean, the sandflies may enter your house during this time. So, it’s important to immediately close your house when the sunset comes. Otherwise, this insect will have a party in your home while sucking your blood.

Make a Bonfire

Small bonfires can be the best way to get rid of sandflies from your home environment. Keep in mind, sandflies don’t like hot places because it will burn them. In essence, sandflies do not like fire. So, you may create a small bonfire behind your house or in front of your house before sunset.

But, you have to be careful because the fire can burn your house if you do not keep an eye on it. In addition to fire, sandflies also do not like smoke. Smoke resulted from the bonfire will make them suffocated and they will escape from the fire area.

Keep Chicken Coop Away

You also need to know that sandflies may come if you have a chicken coop. A chicken coop is the most favorite place of sandflies. Sandflies really like the smell of chicken dirty and they will swarm on the chicken coop area. So, it is important to keep your chicken coop away from your house because they may also enter your house. If possible, you must not build a chicken coop for your health.

Burn Your Trash Regularly

In addition to the chicken coop, sandflies also like trash because trash smells bad. The point is that sandflies will find some dirty and smelly areas. So, it is necessary to burn your trash immediately or just give the trash away from your house.

Store Your Vegetables and Fruits

Other things that sandflies really like are vegetables and fruits. You must not put your vegetables or fruits outside the refrigeration. You may store the vegetables and fruits in special storage so that they sandflies do not find them.

Use an Insect Spray

The last ultimate way to get rid of sandflies from your house is by using insect spray. Insect spray is actually not only used for killing sandflies, but you can also use it to kill mosquitoes and other insects. Just simply take an insect spray, and then spray on the area with a lot of sandflies. Make sure you do not spray around your foods because this insect spray is poisonous.

Anyway, those are a few tips on how to get rid of sandflies from your environment before they really bite you because the sandfly bite is really annoying and itchy. In fact, sandfly is not the only disturbing animal that you have to get rid of. Somehow, baby cockroaches are also dangerous and they also like to live in a dirty house.

What Are The Differences Between Baby Roaches and Sandflies?

Both of the insects are really disturbing and annoying, but they have some differences. Firstly, baby cockroaches are bigger than sandflies despite they are still baby. Secondly, sandflies can fly, while baby cockroaches cannot fly before they grow up.

Then, baby roaches do not bite while sandflies will bite you. Somehow, baby cockroaches are more dangerous than sandflies because they can cause some diseases, especially when the baby cockroaches grow up.
What are the similarities between baby roaches and sandflies?

Of course, these two disturbing animals have some similarities. Both of the insects really like a dirty place. You can find sandflies in the trash as you can also find baby roaches in the trash. Cockroaches really like a bad smell as the sandflies also like a bad smell.

Since cockroach also belongs to an insect, you can also use a special insect spray to kill baby cockroaches. Moreover, cockroaches also do not like the clean area and they will hide somewhere inside your house like a rat vs mouse.

In conclusion, we know that sandflies live freely in any environment, but they are really disturbing for human life. Somehow, you really need to get rid of them because they can cause some diseases, especially the skin diseases. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

But, when you finally get sandfly bites, you can still heal it according to the ways above. Before you get bitten by sandflies, it is better for you to clean your house, burn trash, and always keep your doors and windows closed when the sunset comes.

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